Aileen Del Riego

Director of Operations

I’m the director of operations of a privately owned dental practice. I had a really nontraditional journey to getting to my job. Before I started managing a dental practice I was teaching preschool, which actually is not very much different, as it turns out, than managing a dental practice. And then I was the director on the board of Wagging Dog Rescue, and that’s a volunteer position but it was a lot of dealing with different people and personalities and things that people are really passionate about. You just have to play into what people need, in that position. Same thing with the preschool that I worked at. It was kind of interesting because it’s a parent co-op preschool so I was the only teacher in the room and then I’d be working with three volunteer parents every day. It was the same 15 parents, because I had 15 kids, so it wasn’t like new people every day but it was on a rotating schedule and so managing all of that was a lot. I ran parent...

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