Alise Arato
Food stylist

I grew up in Toronto, my husband as well, and we both went to school for visual arts. I was always on a visual arts path all through school, including high school and then I went to University as a major in drawing and painting and hit a point when I realized that fine art wasn’t the right direction. As much as I loved the visual arts, I didn’t see myself making a living quite in that way and I wasn’t certain what I was going to do. I had regret that I didn’t pursue art in a more graphic arts way.

During that time I had always loved food and cooking and I started making desserts, elaborate wedding cakes and birthday cakes, etc. Somehow I went down that avenue of food and I started catering, and that snowballed. My husband and I then moved to Los Angeles for him to do his graduate studies in visual arts at USC and we ended up staying here. I was still kind of trying to find my way and he was going to school and I started teaching children’s cooking c...

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