Charlene Derby

Instructional Designer

The technical name for what I do is “instructional design” and that means that I write instructional materials. That could be for anything where somebody needs to be trained to do something, so most of my projects have been in business. Y2K kind of made my career because everybody was putting in new computer systems to handle the four-digit date versus a two-digit date and that affected all employees in the enterprise. That was a lot of software training, it was a lot of step-by-step procedures, it was apps that employees had never seen before; in many cases, it was a transition from a black and green screen to a Windows color screen… that was a pretty exciting period of time. We did some projects for Federal Express, for UtiliCorp United, which is a power company in Kansas City. That was fun; we got to fly to Kansas City and eat some really good steaks.

I worked in the corporate world for about 15 years. I started with a company...

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