Gabriela Parson
Ultrasound Technician

When I was 15 my father died. I had money in savings that he had left me for college, but my brothers took it. Because I was a minor on the account, they got my mom to sign off and little by little, all of it was gone. Then she took off and I had to fend for myself. So I was homeless for a time, but not like where I ever had to sleep in the street; I had to sleep in my car once. But mostly people’s couches that would take me in, strangers. I had never gone to college. When I met Chad, I was doing an associate’s degree but I wasn’t really sure what it was that I wanted to study. I wanted something stable. Having been through what I went through, I had suffered so much when I lived out in the streets and I never wanted to suffer again. So money was an important thing for me. But with my kids, it was hard to find time to go to school and I had to keep working in order to take care of the household.

When CJ was born, we decided for me to stay at home. He...

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