Jen Buehler
Fertility Nurse

I did not originally want to be a nurse. My mom had suggested it to me while I was in high school, getting ready to go to college, like “You would be a great nurse.” And I was thinking, “No, all they do is wipe people’s butts and that’s it. And they clean up poop, and… no.” I had done physical therapy when I was in high school for an injury and I loved the biology and the medicine part of it but I thought, “Nurses don’t do anything that I am interested in.” I went to college and I was a bio major but I didn’t think I wanted to be a doctor, either. I specialized in physiology, which is functions of the body, and I took a reproductive biology class in college and scored the top of my class. It wasn’t just reproductive biology for humans, it was all animals, but there was something about it like, “Yes. I get this, it makes sense.”

What I thought was really interesting about it was I had girlfriends who would come to me asking me questions about their body. We’re...

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