Pherlha Aguilar
Model and actress | Tijuana, Mexico

I was in school, I was like 15 years old I think, and my cousin was kind of handsome — he’s on TV right now here in TJ, locally. He got into an agency, he took a course in modelling. When he graduated, I went and the owner of that agency saw me and told me, “You should model, too.” And I was like, “Oh. I just came to see my cousin, but… ok!” So I ended up taking the course, entering the agency. They wanted to send me to Japan when I was like 16 and my mom was like, “Hell no, you need to finish something in school, some career or something.” I kept doing it, more on the side, and I stayed here doing campaigns, catalogues, stuff like that. I finished three careers — I have three bachelor degrees.

The first one is in international business from the university here in Baja. Then I moved to Mexico City for contract modelling. I was supposed to be six months in Mexico City and I ended up staying 10...

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