Sari Cohen

TV host/journalist |

When I first started and I was looking for writing jobs and I first locked onto this editorial gig, they were looking for a lifestyle writer and political writer and I wanted to write about politics. I wanted to follow Bernie Sanders around. I pitched them six different articles, three about lifestyle and three about politics and that’s when they wrote back to me and they were like, “We want to give you a column and we want it to be about L.A. fashion trends.” The weird thing was I didn’t know about fashion trends, I didn’t know about brands, but I went with the idea of what inspires somebody to wear what they’re wearing and who they are underneath and what that represents. And that’s how AXS found me, because I started interviewing more people.

So things have gotten crazier! Basically what happened was things magnified a million times over since that last interview when it was like the Wild West out there… I real...

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